First Cedric Price Day

This first edition of the Cedric Price Day at Staffordshire University will be launched on the 11th of September as part of the international conference (2021, held over from 2020) EURAU2020 ( The architect Cedric Price was a visionary concerned not only with design but also with current issues such as sustainability or the adaptability of the buildings. There will be a series of events during the day including and exhibition, a keynote and an interactive devised live and online Zoom performance.

Fun Palace: A cybernetic Cabaret:

Directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic
Devised by Stephen Simms, Aleksandar Dundjerovic and Paul Sadot
Performed by Stephen Simms
Narrated by Martin Brown
Dances/ Curated by Sumit Lai Roy
Video choreography – Paul Sadot